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Introducing Expluria

Secure, real-time information to travellers and tour operators

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About Expluria

We believe connectivity and communication help create unforgettable travel experiences

Expluria empowers tour operators, guides and booking offices, helping them provide unrivalled customer service experiences to travellers.

Our app is powered by a rich feature set that includes seamless API integration and real-time notifications, all designed to help tour operators to do what they do best.

Fewer delays

Reduce trip delays with real-time trip overviews, live maps of tour bus / guide locations and more.

Better connections

Improve customer service provisioning through two-way connectivity between traveller and operator.

Less confusion

Minimize logistical confusion by consolidating all relevant tour operator and traveller information.

Custom alerts

Ensure everyone is on the same page with custom programmable trip alerts and reminders.

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Expluria Pro for Operators

The days of multiple trip maps and traveler’s checks may be coming to an end, but mobile optimized travel services still have a long way to go. Tour bus operators, agents and guides know this problem all too well. We wanted to do something about it.  

Existing solutions:

Don't allow travelers to interact with tour operators safely and conveniently

Are designed for specific use by and for large individual tour companies

Cannot accommodate customers traveling with multiple service provider

Customer engagement suffers as a result, and both the traveller and operator miss out on opportunities to improve the trip experience. Existing channels are simply not sufficient in providing outstanding customer service once the customer's journey has begun.

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Provide better service with Expluria

The Expluria Traveller app has been designed from the ground up to bring a brand new experience to travellers everywhere.

Trip transparency

Travel easily with a complete overview of all trip essentials, including relevant times, locations and guide details.

Live maps

Real-time maps in the Expluria app show the live location of tour busses and guides, as well as pick up and drop off details.

Never miss a beat

Scheduled reminders and trip notifications make it easy for you to always know where to be and when to be there.

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about expluria

Our Story

Expluria was inspired by the experiences of the company's founder, Thor Sigurdsson, a serial entrepreneur and tourism industry expert from Iceland. Having seen firsthand how difficult it was for travelers to engage with guides and operators, Thor started Expluria with the mission of improving the traveler journey at every stop along the way.